Indiana farmers to lose $5 million in subsidies

Indiana farmers will lose about $5.5 million over the next three years from the state’s subsidies program, the Indiana Farm Bureau announced Friday.The subsidies, which cover some 70,000 Indiana farms, were set to expire on June 30.But a compromise deal was reached with the state Senate that allows Indiana farmers with certain farm types to

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How to save a dog’s life after being shot by a neighbour

A man shot his dog by mistake in an incident that has put him in the hospital with serious injuries.The incident happened on Sunday morning in a rural area of Hildesheim, south of Hamburg, after the man’s neighbour’s dog had bitten him.He managed to pull the dog out of the fence and shoot it, injuring

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The farm industry is in crisis: What you need to know

Briermere, Iowa — Richardson Farms, the Iowa farm bureau, reported that the U.S. agriculture industry is suffering a severe economic downturn with a $3.6 trillion price tag.“The industry is experiencing significant uncertainty and the loss of confidence among farmers and ranchers in the future of agriculture,” Briermeyer Farms said in a statement.“As such, there is

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How to get Dewberry Farm King Farm to Fork with Dowsberry Farm

Farming is the lifeblood of any family.For many, this means the farmer is the breadwinner and the main source of income.However, it also means that the farmers bread is not always guaranteed and there are some that are unable to support themselves.If you or someone you know is struggling financially, it can be a major

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How to beat a blackberry plantation

The Latest on the Blackberry Farm fire in Tennessee (all times local):2:15 p.m.The U.S. Forest Service is investigating a fire that started in a barn in a Tipton, Tennessee, plantation and destroyed at least two blackberries, officials say.The blaze broke out in the barn in the early hours of Sunday morning.A crew with the Forest

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Why do cow farms breed and die?

On a farm in the eastern part of France, a herd of cows has been breeding since the early 1990s.The herd was given the name Demarest by a farmer who thought the word was French for cow.“It’s a very long name,” says Alain Brouillet, a veterinarian at the St. Jean-Charles-de-Vieux hospital in Marseille.The breed is

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Texas, New Jersey, New York lawmakers unveil new farm insurance bill

New Jersey’s lawmakers unveiled legislation Tuesday that would make it easier for farmers to sell their insurance on their own terms.In a surprise announcement, New Yorkers and New Jerseyans were given the chance to sign up for their own farm insurance by signing a form that asks for personal information about them and their family.The