How to Save Your Ant Farm from Fungus in a Happy Day Farm


A farmer is using a robot to remove ants from his ant farm and bring it home for his kids.

The Ant Farm, a robot that removes ants from a farm in California, is part of the Happy Day Farming program.

This is a cooperative effort between the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Happy Farm.

The robot removes ants by removing them from the ant farm’s soil and then transporting them to a tractor.

The ants are then moved to a bucket, which is attached to a trailer, and the truck is driven around the ant plantation to remove more ants.

Happy Farm has since partnered with several local ant farms to offer free ant removal services for the last five years.

“This is a truly wonderful opportunity to support the farmers who are doing so well on their farms,” said USDA’s Ben Hines.

“These ants can be the difference between success and failure in a successful operation.”

The Happy Day Farms program, which was developed with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, is designed to help farmers increase the productivity of their ant farms and improve their profitability.

Happy Day farmers will receive $10,000 in incentives to help with operations.

Happy Farmers will be the first to receive this funding in 2017.

“With this investment, we hope to expand the footprint of the program and help farmers grow their businesses,” said Dr. Michael Cavanagh, director of the USDA’s National Agricultural and Horticultural Botanical Laboratory.

“Our Happy Day program is helping farmers to expand their operations and increase productivity, and this is an important step toward helping them do that.”

Happy Farm offers free ant removals in 2018.

The Happy Farm program has partnered with a variety of local ant and bee farms in the Sacramento area, including Bumble Bee Farms, the Sacramento Bee Bee, and Beebe.

Happy farmers also have access to a free ant and honey production facility, which also includes a robot and a tractor to remove and transport ants from the field.

Happy farms are working with a local company to develop a robot called the BumbleBee.

Bumblebee will be released to farmers and beekeepers in 2021.

Happy Farmer’s mission is to save millions of acres of crops each year.

The goal of the mission is “to help grow the local economy by increasing the productivity and efficiency of our agricultural enterprises and decreasing the environmental impact of the agricultural process,” said Ben Hains, the USDA Assistant Director of the Animal Health and Plant Science Program.

The BumbleBees will be able to remove about 30 million ants annually, which will produce $6 million in economic activity.

Happy farm members will receive an additional $5,000 for each successful ant removal.

“We’re hoping to be able the end of 2018,” said Hains.

“Happy Day is about working together to help the farmer to improve their operations.”

Happy Farmer, a partnership between Happy Farm and the California Department of Public Health and the San Francisco Department of Water and Power, began in 2014.

In 2017, Happy Farm partnered with the Sacramento County Beekeeper Association to offer a free beekeeping service to farmers in the Golden State.

Happy Farms has since expanded its partnership with other local beekeepers and farmers, including the Golden Gate Beekeeper’s Association and Beekeepers of California.

Happy farmer services have been offered to farmers since 2014, and are available to all farmers, and include free bee-keeping, removal of honey bee hives, and bee-hiding.

The program has grown over the years to include bee-keepers from all over the country.

Happy day farms are operated by the San Jose, Calif.-based Happy Farm Inc. and are part of Happy Farm’s larger Happy Farm, Happy Farmers, and Happy Farmer programs.

Happy is a registered trademark of Happy Farms Inc.

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