How to celebrate our 50th anniversary with the Pepperidge Farm 50th Anniversary Party


The Pepperidge farm 50th anniversay party was held at the Pepperheim Farm Hotel in Pepperidge Park on Saturday, April 28, 2018, and was attended by many of the people who were involved in the first 50 years of the franchise.

Guests enjoyed a delicious meal with wine, beer, and cocktails in a rustic setting with a complimentary champagne toast.

Pepperidge’s 50th birthday party was a fantastic way to mark the occasion and to show our appreciation for all that we have accomplished and the work that has gone into it.

The event featured the classic Pepperidge Farms signature, the “Chase the Bus”, a fun and festive way to celebrate the 50th year of the Peppers.

The “Chases the Bus” was a special occasion for Pepperidge employees, as they were invited to take part in the “Cheese on the Bus”.

Peppers 50th Birthday Celebration Event The following was the official Peppers celebration of the 50 years.

The special event was held on Saturday April 28 at Pepperheim Farms 50th Annual Anniversary Celebration at the hotel.

A complimentary champagne, beer and wine toast was provided to guests, along with a variety of Peppers treats.

Guests also received a Pepperidge 50th Celebration Party shirt and souvenir pins.

Peppers Birthday Celebration Party Details: The Pepperheim farm was founded on February 23, 1955.

It was one of the first locations in the United States to serve barbecue, and the Pepperidge family has been enjoying their food for over 50 years with no shortage of inspiration.

The Peppers barbecue was one the first to be served in the restaurant, and they still offer that signature barbecue.

This Peppers BBQ was served in a wood-fired pit that was custom built for the event.

Pepperheim’s barbecue pit is now used for a wide variety of activities including the annual Pepperidge 100th Anniversary event.

There were also a number of other activities at Pepperidge during the 50 year anniversary party, including a parade, a live band, a BBQ pit tour, a free concert, and an autograph session with the family members of Pepperi, and many others.

The 50th annual Pepperheim anniversary party was the first event that Pepperidge had hosted for its employees.

In 2017, the farm’s first 50 employees were inducted into the Pecker Hall of Fame and Peppers family celebrated its 50th birthdays with the first annual Pepper Hill Festival.

The farm’s 50-year anniversary celebration was the result of a collaboration between the Peiterheim family and the Pepper Hill Foundation.

In 2019, the Pepperhill family established Pepper Hill in honor of the legendary Pepper Hill founder, William Pepperidge.

Peiperheim Farms has served the greater Chicago area since 1955 and is home to Peppers employees, suppliers, and customers.

Peiteridge Farms 50-Year Anniversary Celebration Photos: The following is a collection of photos from the Pepperhe Farm 50-anniversary celebration.

Peiser Hill Festival and PepperHill Festival T-Shirts: There were a number other Peppers shirts sold at the Peiper Hill 50-Anniversary celebration, including the Peiser Hills 100th anniversary shirt and other Pepperhill apparel.

Pecers 50-50-100 T-shirts: A Peppers 100th Birthday Shirt was also available for purchase.

It had a commemorative design on the front, and Peiserhill logo on the back.

The shirt had a Pepper Hill logo embroidered on the side and had a Peppers signature on the inside.

The sleeve was white and had Peppers name printed on the right side.

The bottom of the shirt had the logo on a red background.

The back had the Peerhill logo embroidery on a white background.

This shirt was sold exclusively at the event and was not sold outside the Peperheim 50-40-50 event.

A Pepperhe farm 50-20-20 50-100-20 100-20 T-shirt: A Pepperhe farm 40-20 20-20 30-20 40-40 50-60-40 PepperHe farm 50 Peppers 10-year Anniversary T-shirts: A “Pepper He” shirt was available to purchase.

The label on the shirt said “Peiser He” in red letters.

The logo on this shirt was a Pepper He logo on red and white letters.

It also had a logo embroided on the left side of the front.

This was sold in limited quantities and had limited print run.

A “Smooth Joe” shirt: A shirt with a Peiter He logo printed on a blue background.

It featured Pepper He on a black background with Peppers logo on blue and white lettering on the top.

The white lettered logo on top was a “Peer He” logo on white.

This one was available exclusively at Peiterhe Farm and had very limited print runs.

Peicer He farm 40 Peppers T- Shirt: A T- shirt