Why Joe’s Farm Grill and Knotts Scare Farm Grazers


Joe’s Grill and Kilt’s Scare Farm Grills are coming to your town!

The iconic grill and kilt chain has been a local fixture since it opened in 1970 in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, and is still serving up tasty, handcrafted comfort food.

It’s a staple in Nebraska, too, and the chains newest location in Denver, Colorado, is already filling up fast.

The newest Joe’s farm toppers will arrive in Nebraska next month.

The chain will open a new location in Omaha, CO in 2019, but the original Joe’s will still be on the air.

The Joe’s Ranch is an all-American family restaurant in Omaha’s historic Town Hall District.

The family-owned restaurant has served Omaha’s best in casual dining since it first opened in 1974.

It has been described as “a culinary playground for the casual eater.”

In the summer, the restaurant serves an outdoor patio where diners can enjoy the sun and outdoor pool, as well as an indoor patio with full shade.

The menu is limited to only one type of steak, and includes a menu of three different courses, including a ribeye and an Italian beef with a side of roasted tomato sauce.

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