Why did farmer deny song lyrics about farmers?


A farmer in northern England has denied a song lyrics that refer to farmers as “terracres”.

Key points:An Australian singer who made the song told ABC radio the song “wasnt about me”The song, called “Farmers”, was produced by the singer, Tony Jones, and was originally written for an Australian TV show that was banned in the UKThe song has since been removed from Australian radioThe Australian singer, singer and songwriter Tony Jones says he has no intention of changing his tuneThe Australian broadcaster The Australian has removed a song featuring an Australian singer that was produced for an international television show that has been banned in Britain.

The song featured an Australian producer, Tony, telling listeners the lyrics were meant to be about farmers and were “not about me”.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said it was removing the song because of the song’s lyrics, which had been made available to the public in a “limited and private way”.

Tony Jones, who produced the song, said he was “not trying to take any offense to anyone” and said he had no intention to change his tune.

He said the lyrics had been removed because they “did not reflect the sentiments of any Australian audience”.

The song was produced in a limited and private fashion for Australian television show Farm Animals, which was banned for broadcast in the country last year.

In the song titled ‘Farmers’, the producer, the producer says: “If you live on the terrace, you’re a terracres man, but you don’t know it.

You don’t see the farmers.”

The song also contains an Australian lyric, “I was born and bred in the fields and you might be one of them”, which appears in the song as an insult to farmers.

The ABC said the producer’s apology was not enough to quell concerns about the song.

“We’re sorry to hear that this was not the song you would have liked to hear, but we’re pleased to hear Tony Jones has taken a genuine interest in farmers and their plight,” it said.

Mr Jones said he felt the song was meant to show farmers that they were not only valuable workers, but people with their own families and a sense of identity.

“I’ve got no desire to offend anyone, I’ve got my own family, my own kids, I live off the land and I’ve had my own farm since I was born,” he said.

“It’s not the time for me to take offence.

It’s not what’s best for me.”

Farmers is a song that has become a viral hit.

In response to the song being removed from the Australian radio, a songwriter in the United Kingdom wrote a song titled “The Land of Farmers”, which was later removed from radio stations in Australia.

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