Fox Hollow Farm Admits ‘We’ve Been A Bit Lazy’


The fox hollow farm has had a very busy year in 2016, with it employing more than 150 people and a number of its employees going on holiday.

Fox Hollow has a large and diverse workforce of more than 1,500, with some of its key workers going to the Middle East and China, where they work as chefs and farm hands.

Fox hollow is a large, self-contained and family run farm, with the majority of its staff living on-site.

This year’s crop was good, and the Fox Hollow farm had to cope with a significant drought which saw its production drop from a previous high of more like 400,000kg in 2016.

“We’ve been a bit lazy with our harvest, but this year it was great, with a lot of new varieties,” Fox Hollow farmer Mark Stroud said.

“It was a good year to grow those and there were many varieties we didn’t know we had and we’re just really pleased to see them grow.”

Mr Stroud is one of many farmers who have seen the value of their work increase this year, and says the new varieties have improved the quality of their crops.

“The key thing for me was to try and grow a lot more varieties, so I got into really good organic farming and a lot less work, so the results have been very good,” he said.

Mr Stouthans wife, Mary, also goes on holiday to the Gulf, and has been working at Fox Hollow, too.

“I’ve been working for them a lot longer than she has,” she said.

Ms Stroud has also been involved in the Fox hollow’s fundraising, and said she was grateful to have her husband back on the farm.

“He has been so involved and I’ve been very grateful to him for that,” she says.

“You could be out at the fox, there’s no question about it.”

Fox Hollow Farms is one member of the Sustainable Food Australia Network.

It has a national network of farmers and suppliers, including Fox Hollow Foods, Fox Hollow Organic, Fox Woodrow, Fox Farm, Fox Food, Fox Grow, Fox Harvest and Fox Farm Direct.

It also provides a range of farm-to-table food and sustainable education programs for young people in rural and remote areas.

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