New Zealand farm worm farm opens in South West


A New Zealand worm farm has opened in South East Canterbury after more than a decade in operation.

Key points:The worm farm was originally set up in 2011 and was later moved to the South WestThe farm was closed in October and now has two locations in South CanterburyThe worm has been found in more than 400 dairy farms across New ZealandThe farms are owned by a company called the Kiwi Farms GroupThe worms have been found on more than 100 dairy farms in New Zealand.

The worm farms were originally set to open in 2011, but they were later moved and reopened.

“We’ve had a lot of interest and interest in this,” owner of Kiwi Farm Andrew Loh told

“The farmers who are really excited about it are the farmers who are looking to move to a worm farm.”

The farms were opened in the early 1990s by Andrew Lohm and his wife, Jillian, who had an interest in the animal welfare movement.

The Lohm farms have a total of 3,000 sheep, goats and cattle.

“They’ve done it so many times that they’ve got to move the farm,” Andrew said.

“It’s been quite an emotional experience for me to open this up, so we’re really grateful to be able to bring it back to life.”‘

We’re just trying to feed the farmers’The worms were first discovered in 2013.

Andrew says the farm’s worm farm is an opportunity for them to feed thousands of farmers in New England and New Zealand, including farmers who have previously worked in the dairy industry.

“In New Zealand we have a very high level of dairy farming, so a lot more animals need to be killed and the amount of dairy farmers that are in New South Wales are really suffering,” he said.

The farm’s two locations were previously closed, but Andrew is now opening them up again, with a total population of 400 sheep and goats.

“This is really the first time we’ve been able to open up to the wider community and hopefully a lot people will be able take the opportunity and move to our farm,” he added.

“Hopefully we can feed the people here and the farmers here.”

The Kiwi farms have been around since 2011 and they have since opened up more than 120 farms across the country.

“Our mission is to feed a million people, and this farm is just a stepping stone for that,” Andrew Loth said.

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