How to save a dog’s life after being shot by a neighbour


A man shot his dog by mistake in an incident that has put him in the hospital with serious injuries.

The incident happened on Sunday morning in a rural area of Hildesheim, south of Hamburg, after the man’s neighbour’s dog had bitten him.

He managed to pull the dog out of the fence and shoot it, injuring his head and leg, before it went to the vet.

The man told police he thought the dog was a stray, but the dog later died.

Police said they have no idea who shot the dog and are investigating the case.

“It is very disturbing that a neighbour has accidentally shot a dog in the street,” Hildersheim police spokesman Michael Sohn told news agency dpa.

The dog’s owner, a man who was not named, was arrested and charged with a murder charge.

He was also arrested on suspicion of wounding a dog.