How to save money with farm aid 2020

Getting started

A report released Thursday by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) offers advice for the 2018-19 farming season, saying that “the food supply in most parts of the world is already strained, and we need to accelerate the process of sustainable agriculture and food security.”

It warns that food production has not been kept up by a new paradigm of agribusiness, which it calls “austerity.”

“In contrast to traditional food production, agriculture has been increasingly driven by the need to meet increasing global demand for energy, food, water, materials, labour and other inputs.

The challenge is to build resilience and a resilient supply chain,” FAO food and agriculture director Joanne Liu said in the report.

FAO has been monitoring the crisis in South Sudan for more than two years, and the report points to the lack of progress made in terms of agricultural productivity and access to food aid.

The report also says that the world needs to “re-engage” with South Sudan to find solutions to the country’s food security needs, as the famine is the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in modern history.

In fact, it notes that the country is on track to have the highest food consumption per capita in Africa, and its population has been on the verge of collapse due to the famine.

The FAO report recommends that governments “focus on supporting food production and reducing food insecurity in order to achieve sustainable, sustainable, and just food access and food abundance for all.”

The report notes that countries like South Sudan are also at risk of “drowning in the food crisis” if they do not act quickly and decisively to end the crisis.