Ky Farm Bureau says it has no plans to fire staff over ‘misogynistic’ comments


Kentucky Farm Bureau Executive Director Scott Thompson said Thursday that the organization has no intention of firing any employees over comments made about a local Kentucky farmer during an appearance on Fox News.

The Kentucky Farm Bureaus has had a history of making controversial comments, especially when it comes to the state’s farmers and livestock, and Thompson said the group has no further plans to take action against the individual who made those comments.

“The comments that were made by the individual were made in the heat of the moment, and we do not condone the use of those words,” Thompson said.

“That was his right.

We will not be taking any further action against that individual.”

Thompson said the organization will continue to monitor the situation in Kentucky and the region as it relates to the growing number of cows, sheep and other livestock.

The Farm Bureau, which is the state affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers, has been the subject of a wave of controversy recently after its top officials appeared to suggest that Kentucky is in the midst of a climate crisis and are urging people to be concerned about the state.

The group has also faced a wave the state recently passed a law that limits the number of times farms can be put on the market, a move that some farmers have described as a step backward for the industry.

The measure passed the state House and Senate last week, but was vetoed by Gov.

Matt Bevin.

Thompson said he did not believe that the Farm Bureau’s actions in the past would have resulted in the backlash the organization is facing today.

“I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence of that in the way that we’ve handled that, and I don’t know what the political winds are at the time,” he said.

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner John Biederman, who was appointed by Bevin, told the Courier-Journal that he was disappointed in the Farm Bures comments.