Coco Farms, Duke Farms join forces to grow food for the future

Getting started

Coco Farms and Duke Farms are teaming up to grow and harvest food for everyone in the next few years.

As a result, they’ll be building a new facility in New Orleans and expanding their operations to two more sites in California and the Midwest.

The Duke Farms and Coco Farms sites will be built in the city of New Orleans, a site that will become home to the new facility.

The Duke Farms site is located in New York City, while the Coco Farms site will be in California.

Duke Farms will have a 30,000-square-foot (5,000 square meter) facility and Coco will have 40,000 acres of land.

The Coco Farms project will also include a facility for the growing of tomatoes and cucumbers.

The new site will also have an indoor garden, a greenhouse and a growing and harvesting area.

The project will allow the Duke Farms company to expand its operations, and the new site in New Mexico will be the site for a new farm.

Duke will also be growing tomatoes in the new location, which will be located just outside the city.

“The Duke farms will be our home for growing, harvesting and distributing fresh food in a safe, secure environment,” Duke Farms CEO and founder Richard M. Gresham said in a statement.

“The New Orleans site will allow us to grow our food in the warm, dry climate of the state, and we will be able to continue to grow in the region for years to come.”

“Coco Farms will help to address the growing demand for fresh, organic, local food that is produced in New Zealand,” Duke said.

“Coco has the resources, skills and capacity to produce quality products and deliver them to consumers at an affordable price.”

Duke Farms and the Duke Companies will also partner with the New Orleans City Council to create a pilot program to grow organic food in that city.

In order to get this done, Duke will have to purchase the land and pay a portion of the costs of the land purchase.

The purchase price is estimated to be $100,000, and will pay for about 100 workers to harvest and prepare the tomatoes.

The New York Times reported that the Duke and Coco farms are “the biggest and most ambitious partnership in the history of New York.”

In a statement, Gresley said, “New Orleans has always been a place where food is produced, harvested and sold sustainably.

It’s a place that has a long history of growing organic food and I am thrilled to be able join Duke and Coca to help support their efforts.”

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