When will the next farm be available?


In 2018, there will be a farm in California, a new field in Oregon and a new crop in Texas.

What happens when a new variety comes out?

It could be a bumper crop, or a crop that’s very different from the one you’ve been growing for the past year.

What crops are on the way?

We’ll be publishing weekly articles detailing which crops are in the pipeline, and where the crop will be grown and sold.

In addition to Farmville, there are some new crop names coming your way, and we’ll be updating our feeder article with new information.

And we’ll continue to add to our farm video series and our growing season preview.

In 2018 we’ll also be releasing a crop update.

This update will include a new type of crop, which will include corn, rice, soybeans and other crops that are grown on the outskirts of cities.

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