Blackberry Farm Stand Named For Bishop of Tennessee


The Blackberry farm stand was named for the bishop of Tannessee who was killed in an accident last week.

The farm stand is located near the Tennessee-Alabama border.

The Bishop of Terrebonne Parish, John P. Taylor, was killed after being struck by a truck while crossing the bridge over the Mississippi River on Friday, The Associated Press reports.

Taylor was traveling from the town of Terrell to the church in Terreon, Alabama.

“The Bishop’s family and friends are deeply saddened by this tragedy,” Bishop Taylor’s widow, Kathleen, said in a statement.

“We ask that all who knew him, saw him and cared about him to respect his privacy as we grieve his loss and the loss of his wife and family.”

Terreon Mayor Steve Taylor said Taylor was a “very loving and generous man.”

“He was a good man,” Taylor said.

“He loved his family and he loved the people of Terreson.

We’re very saddened.”

Tyrone Taylor, a family friend of Taylor’s, said Taylor had been driving a farm truck with his wife, Sarah, and three daughters when he was hit by the tractor trailer.

Taylor and his wife were traveling north on the bridge when the accident happened.

“They were traveling about 10 miles eastbound on the interstate to pick up a shipment of strawberries that were in the pick-up area,” Taylor told The Associated Times.

“There was an accident that occurred and they had to pull over and the tractor came off the bridge and hit him.

I’m just so saddened.”

Terrell, Alabama, is a town of about 9,000 people about a half-hour west of Mobile.

It is about 70 miles east of Tuscaloosa.

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