New Alpaca Farm opens in North Shore


North Shore Alpacas, a new AlpACA farm in north shore, opened its doors in May.

The farm, located at the intersection of Route 10 and East Route 40, will provide local Alpacas with fresh grass for winter and provide them with a source of pasture for the coming summer.

The alpacas will be housed in the new farm and will be available for boarding and boarding, along with a pasture, feed and water for the animals.

The farm will provide an opportunity for people to experience the wonderful Alpacahas of the north shore while they’re in the area.

It will also allow Alpacacas to experience their native habitat, as the farm will be located on land that is currently managed by the State of Oregon, which has taken steps to preserve its wildlife.

Alpacas at the farm include:The farm is located at 1210 SE 14th St. North Shore, Oregon.

Alpaca Farms, LLC, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

For more information about Alpacacs operations, please visit their website.