Why do cow farms breed and die?


On a farm in the eastern part of France, a herd of cows has been breeding since the early 1990s.

The herd was given the name Demarest by a farmer who thought the word was French for cow.

“It’s a very long name,” says Alain Brouillet, a veterinarian at the St. Jean-Charles-de-Vieux hospital in Marseille.

The breed is a cross between cattle and sheep.

It has been bred for a long time to be able to produce more milk and meat, so the breed is not very good for farming, he adds.

“They produce a lot of dead animals and they are the source of a lot problems in the agricultural sector.”

Alain says that the breeding process for the breed started in the 1980s and that the cows are used for meat.

“I don’t know what causes the death of the cows, but they have very, very low weight,” he says.

The farm owner says that his wife, who has worked in the dairy industry for years, was always very interested in cows.

“She told me once, ‘Don’t be so sensitive, you can’t understand what you see,’ ” he says, “and I always thought that was the right way to respond to her.”

The cows that were being bred are very healthy and have a very short lifespan.

The farmer’s wife says that if the animals were given enough milk, the milk would last for years.

But it seems that the problem comes from the milk.

Alain points out that the animals that are being bred do not produce enough milk to feed themselves.

“We cannot say whether it’s from the cow or from the animal, but the milk is being produced in very poor conditions,” he explains.

The dairy farmer has not yet had a chance to speak to his wife about the problem, but he says that she is concerned about the breed.

“At first I thought it was due to the strain of the cow, but now I think it’s due to stress.

The cows have not eaten the same amount of grass as the other animals,” he adds, and they do not have the same milk supply.

The farming community is divided over the breed, with some farmers expressing their discontent and others saying that the breed will bring many problems to the farmers.

Alleluia, a farm owner in the north of France’s Aix-en-Provence region, says that there is a great need for good breeders in the industry.

“There are lots of problems with the breeders, because the cows don’t get enough exercise, they are sick, they have no good nutrition, they don’t eat grass, they suffer in their working conditions, they die when they are not used properly, and there is no good treatment,” she says.

Alenie, a dairy farmer in the area of the town of St. Michel, says there is also a great deal of discontent with the farm owner’s wife.

“My wife is always asking why the cows die so fast, and we have to answer her with ‘because they are suffering too much,'” she says, adding that she believes that there are more than enough dairy farms in France to meet the demand.

“The problem is the milk, and if we want to meet demand we have more than sufficient dairy farms,” she concludes.

According to the farm manager, the farmers who are being affected by the problem have a long history of producing dairy cows.

He says that in his time as a farmer, he has never seen a situation like this, and the farmers are in constant contact with the veterinary authorities.

“If you see an animal that is very sick and the veterinarian tells us that the animal is not a good breed, it will be impossible to make the animal into a good dairy cow,” he tells Al Jazeera.

Alene is not the only farmer who is concerned, and he says the problem is not new.

“When I was a farmer I didn’t know anything about the dairy, but when I started breeding, I realized that the farmers’ problem was caused by the breed and that they were not taking the necessary care of their animals,” Alene explains.

“After that, I started working in the sector and I discovered that it was very important to find breeders that would not breed the breed that was killing the animals,” adds Alene.

The problems at the dairy farm are not limited to the dairy farming sector.

“Many farmers are complaining that their calves are not getting enough milk,” says Yves, a farmer in Toulouse.

“Some people say that the calves are going to die because of lack of milk, but if we look at the breeding of the animals, there is nothing that will happen,” he continues.

“A dairy farm has a lot more animals than a dairy.

When I started the breeding, it was just one animal, then I changed it to three and now it’s five animals,” Yves adds

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