Which berry farmers have gone the farthest away from the farm?


As the winter season approaches, some farmers are returning to their farms in their winter clothes to prepare for winter.

But the farmers have been doing so in the wrong places, say the farmers. 

“There is a misconception that all farmers return to their berry farms in winter and then the farmers that have gone back are not doing so because they have a farm,” said Ravi, a farmer from Malda in the state of Karnataka.

“If you look at the numbers, of those that have come back, only two or three have been on farms in the summer and the rest in the winter,” he said. 

Ravi said that if the farmers returned, they would be asked to pay a fee to the owners of the farm.

“I don’t know if they will return.

If they return to the farm, it is a financial burden,” he added.

Farmers across the state are struggling to make ends meet.

“We are having problems, farmers are getting desperate and they are going to sell their crops because of the low price,” said a farmer who did not want to be identified.

“The prices are not being met and the farmers are being cheated out of the profits,” he told NDTV.

In the past few years, farmers have moved to the outskirts of cities in Karnataka, like Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore.

“We have been trying to grow our farms in places like Bhandara, Kottayam and Nagpur.

But we are getting a lot of calls from the towns where there is not much money to sell,” said Manish.

Manish’s wife has also migrated to the villages of Mysuru, Jaganmohanpur, Thiruvadivadi, Prakash Nagar and Bholpur in Karnad.

The farmer’s wife also said that in some areas, they are paying more to the farmer to sell the crops than the farmers in the villages.

“Some farmers have given up farming because they are not making money.

They have no land and are living on money that is not theirs,” she said.

“But the money we are being paid is not enough to support our family.” 

Meanwhile, the government has taken steps to help farmers who have gone to the edge of their farm to sell or exchange crops.

In 2017, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs announced a Rs 2,000 crore grant for farmers.

But, some rural areas are not receiving the amount of money as they are only receiving the Rs 500 crore grant.

“A lot of farmers are facing financial hardships, but they have to sell and exchange their crops,” said Ramachandra, who was not allowed to speak to NDTV for fear of repercussions from the government.

“They are losing money.

If you go to the area and sell your crop, you are not getting the amount you were promised,” he explained.

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