US farmers sell out for 2022 Olympics farm supply


Farm supply for the 2022 Olympic Games in Glasgow is set to fall well short of the $4.4 billion the US government had initially set aside to buy enough food for the event.

The Farm Security Administration said on Monday that the government had set aside $3.7 billion in October to buy food for its Olympic participants, but it had only reached $2.5 billion.

The USDA said it was aiming to buy $4 billion in food by the end of next year.

The agency said the shortfall in the program would be the result of a $1 billion increase in the number of US farm-aid workers the government is allowing to work in Canada.

The farm workers are not allowed to be Canadian residents.

The agency said there was still $4 million left over to buy grain and feed.

The $4,000 price tag for a US grain delivery truck is $2,000 per box, which is a little more than the $1,000 a box that the US military uses.

A spokesman for the Agriculture Department said that a small portion of the cost of the food is covered by taxpayers.

He said the agency is working on ways to offset some of the costs.

He pointed to a $3 billion investment in the farm-supply program last year as proof that farmers can do what they need to do to meet the food needs of the athletes and staff.

“The amount of food that’s being provided for the Olympic athletes and other sports events is not a cost that’s going to be borne by taxpayers,” said John Kates, an Agriculture Department spokesman.

Kates added that the food program is being handled by the Office of Emergency Management.

The department said the department will continue to provide assistance to the USDA.

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