Mike Mikes Farm Is a Success Story for Taylor Farms


Taylor Farms has done a great job in its early days, but there’s one problem: Mike Miers’ farm isn’t even on the map.

A farmer from Ohio who is in the business of growing, farming, and raising blueberries, Miers first discovered the farm in 2005.

The first year he opened the farm, the family raised about 2,000 pounds of berries, and the family has grown the farm to a large operation that includes three horticulture and four fruit and vegetable farms.

Miers’ father, Jim, was the first farmer to open his own farm in the state, and his brother, Steve, is the current CEO.

Miers is also the owner of the family’s fruit and vegetables business, and he says his family’s reputation as a farm in Ohio has grown with the addition of some new customers.

But Miers says he’s never seen his own family become a household name, and that he’s not sure if Taylor Farms will even be a viable business by next year.

“There’s definitely some uncertainty,” Miers said.

“It depends on the state.

But I do know we have a good farm and we are growing good berries, which we do very well.”

Miers says it took him years to get his first customers and now that he has them, he wants to be able to continue growing the farm and have his farm in a good position for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be a part of.

“We have had some good customers over the years,” he said.

“But I’m always worried about the future.

It’s never too late to do something good and make something good happen.

And I’m hoping to do that with my farm.”

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