Why did the fire that destroyed an animal farm in South Dakota burn?


Animal lovers are calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the cause of the fire at the home of an animal farmer in South Carolina.

The fire broke out Monday at the house of Gary Anderson, who owns a farm on the edge of town called the Animal Farm.

The Associated Press reports that fire investigators are still trying to determine how the blaze started.

Anderson said his wife, Betty Anderson, is the only person who can cook and care for his animals.

He said she died when the fire started.

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says they are not releasing a cause of death.

The AP reports that investigators are looking into whether Anderson had a permit to operate the farm.

The Department of Natural Resources says it was notified of the blaze and is monitoring the situation.

The AP reports, however, that Anderson was not able to be reached for comment.

The animal farm, which opened in 1999, has been closed for several months.

The owners have said they will be selling the property.

The State Department of Health says the state is not aware of any confirmed cases of microorganisms found in the home.

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