Maggie’s Farm claims Australia’s supply of sheep has ‘diminished’


By Andrew Loughman, The Australian (AUS)The Australian farm supply chain is in shambles as the Government has declared a major state farm supply disaster.

Key points:The Government says the country’s wool and sheep production has been “diminished” by the Government’s interventionThe State Government says it’s working on a ‘plan to ensure the viability of Australia’s wool industry’The Government has said the situation has been brought under control with ‘significant assistance’ from other Government agencies and the Australian sheep industry.

The Government’s announcement comes just hours after the Government announced it was launching a massive beef industry intervention in a bid to stem the decline in Australia’s beef industry.

Key Points:The State government says it is working on an ‘overhaul’ of the Australian beef industry to address the issueThe Government is launching an intervention to help the country grow beef productionIt is not yet clear what role the Government will play in the beef industry itself, but the Government says a “plan to support the Australian livestock industry is underway”.

“Australia’s beef sector is suffering a major downturn,” Minister for Agriculture Bill Byrne said.

“While we remain confident in the sustainability of the industry, it is clear that a significant reduction in the number of cattle that are being produced is necessary to restore the sector to a more sustainable state.”

The Government said it is planning to introduce a new “plan for the viability” of Australia of beef production in the coming weeks.

“The Government will provide significant assistance in a number of areas including the establishment of new operations to ensure that Australian beef is a viable and viable industry,” the Government said in a statement.

The statement came after the State Government said that it has “a plan to ensure sustainable and successful cattle operation and is undertaking a detailed assessment”.

The Government statement said the beef sector has “diminished significantly” from a year ago due to the “massive assistance” it has received from the Government.

“Despite the significant assistance provided by the Federal Government to the Australian Beef Industry, the sector is not viable and there is no viable plan to support it,” the statement said.

It said the Government was “working with industry partners and other agencies to ensure continued economic viability” and that “we will provide additional assistance” once the sector had recovered.

The State’s Government is also working on “a comprehensive plan for the sustainability” of the state’s beef supply chain.

“We are undertaking a comprehensive assessment of our current cattle operation in order to ensure we have the capacity to meet future demand and provide the right conditions to support a sustainable and viable cattle industry,” it said.

In a statement to ABC Radio National, the State’s Department of Agriculture said the cattle industry “has been negatively impacted by the imposition of an export rule, which has resulted in significant reductions in cattle production”.

“However, this action has been taken to protect the viability and sustainability of our beef sector,” it added.

The cattle industry is a key industry in the state, accounting for almost a quarter of the beef exports in the entire country.

Mr Byrne said the State would continue to work with the industry to help it “survive”.

“The industry is very important to the health of our state and to the entire Australian economy,” he said.

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