‘Gutsy, gutsy’: A farm fire near Australia’s Gold Coast


It’s been a bad week for farm fires in Australia’s remote South Island.

A series of devastating fires over the weekend has left more than a dozen farms without power and shut down the whole region.

Firefighters say they were still battling a huge bushfire that engulfed more than 600 hectares (1,500 acres) in the state’s west.

The bushfire started late Saturday night on the property of a nearby farm.

They are now calling the fire a “major incident” and said they have received information from emergency services that suggests “it could be much worse”.

It started with a blaze on the nearby farmlands and the fire was eventually controlled by firefighters with the assistance of helicopters.

One farm owner said the fire spread rapidly as the wind changed direction and the weather changed.

“We were out there in the field doing some farming, then it just got out of control and it blew up,” he said.

Emergency services are currently battling the fire on the other side of the island, in the remote community of Wattle.

There are also reports of the bushfire being sparked by an electrical fault in a nearby house, but firefighters have been unable to find any evidence of that.

A man who lives in Wattle has told he believes the fire originated in a power line, which caused the fire to spread so quickly.

We are still trying to establish whether the power line or the house is the cause, he said, adding he was in a state of shock.

But while the fires are currently raging on the West Coast, there is concern they could spread across the country.

It is not yet clear how many people were home at the time of the fires.

ABC News’ James McPherson reported from Canberra and Emma Fagan from Sydney contributed to this report.