When did the holiday farm fire start?


By now, most people are familiar with the infamous fire that swept through a rural Oregon farmhouse in the summer of 2018, destroying more than 40 buildings and causing $100 million in damages.

But what is less well known is the extent of the damage that occurred in the early morning hours of July 9, 2019.

The farm, the Bates Nut Farm in Bayside, Oregon, was completely destroyed.

The fire began in a bedroom where two employees were sleeping.

The next morning, the fire was out, but not before the family had lost more than $150,000.

By July 11, a local news station had reported that the barns and other barns on the farm had been destroyed.

But a year earlier, on May 24, 2018, the farm was completely burned down by the massive wildfires that swept across much of the West during the summer months of 2017.

The blaze also destroyed about 50 other homes in the region.

The tragedy caused widespread devastation across the West, with the National Weather Service forecasting “major” damages to the economy.

The aftermath of the fire that consumed the Bates Ranch and other rural Oregon farms in the spring of 2018.

The Bates Ranch in Betson, Oregon.

(KGW) The fire destroyed homes in Batsons Creek, Baysides Creek, the neighboring Millbrook and the Millbrook, Boesling, and the Cascade Mountains.

In addition to homes, approximately 3,000 structures, including several large barns, were destroyed.

Aerial view of the Bates Farm in early July.

(Batsons Ranch) The entire Betsons Creek region is still experiencing damage, but many of the homes have been rebuilt, including the Bates Mill, the largest of the three farms in that region.

However, many of these homes were not rebuilt because the landowner was unwilling to pay for the repairs.

The town of Bates Creek has been recovering from the devastating fire for years, and now the community has decided to use some of its surplus funds to rebuild the area.

According to The Oregonian, the town has donated the surplus funds, including $1.5 million for a “large barn and farmhouse,” and $500,000 for a firefighting contractor.

The mill also is going to rebuild its facilities.

The local media has reported that a few weeks ago, the mill had already received $2 million to rebuild a large barn and a small house.

Local officials have also donated $2.6 million to the mill.

The Baysville Post reports that the mill was able to rebuild much of its barns due to the support of the local community.

In a statement, the Millburn Valley Community School District said that they were able to replace the barn and barn roof and barn fence.

According the school district, the barn roof was made from salvaged wood from the mill’s former barn and had a “tough, durable and rust resistant wood exterior.”

However, the damaged barn roof will not be replaced.

The school district also reported that, in addition to the fire-damaged barn, a number of barns were damaged in the fire.

The damaged barns are expected to be replaced and that some of the barn roofs will be replaced as well.

However the school districts funding will not cover the costs for the damaged roofs.

The Millbrook School District also received $1 million for repairing the barn that the Millbroek Mill burned down.

According a spokesperson for the Milltown School District, the $1,000,000 funding will be used to repair the barn.

Additionally, the school also received another $1-million from the Millwood School District for repairs.

While the Millfield School District and the Woodruff School District reported that they received additional funding from the Oregon Department of Agriculture to replace damaged barn roofs, the Bayswood School Board received only $500 of the $2-million funding.

According an official statement, some of these barn roofs were also damaged in a fire.

Some of the damaged areas in the barn at the MillBroek Mill in Balesville.

(Facebook) Bays Mills and Woodruff also received additional funds for repairing damaged barn barn roofs.

However these funds were not available to replace barn roofs in the Betswood School, Batsington, and Baysbury Schools.

In fact, the Woodcock School District had to send out an email to all of its students on July 1, 2018 informing them that the roof was not yet fixed and that they needed to repair it.

In response, the entire Woodcock District of Bays County received a $1 donation.

The Woodcock school board received another donation on July 5, 2018 from the Woodcrest School Board.

In total, more than 1,000 homes in this area have been damaged in this fire.

In all, the destruction in Brows Creek and Betsville has caused more than 30 deaths, and many more are still missing. In

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