‘Merry Christmas’ for Pepperidge Farm farm, Peppers


The Peppers have celebrated the holidays by celebrating with a giant Christmas cake.

The bakery has sold out of their Christmas cake in a matter of hours.

It was sold out for Christmas morning and they had to call in the workers to do a last minute supply run.

They are celebrating by making their own Christmas cake which has a pink and white colour scheme, which is not normally seen on their cakes.

The cake was bought on a special offer and was available in three flavours: a red, white and green, and a purple.

The cakes are being sold on Amazon, and are available for just £15.

There are also special Christmas treats, including a tin of peanut butter and jelly for the whole family.

The Peppers are celebrating their 100th birthday with a Christmas cake that they can only sell online for a few hours, as the shop is closed for Christmas.

They also have a special gift for everyone who is a Peppers fan, as a giant Peppers Christmas cake is available for a very special price.

Merry Easter and the return of the Peppers is only just starting, but this year, the band have also taken their cake out for the first time since Christmas.

The band will take a bite out of the cake to commemorate the holiday.

The band have played their last show for more than 100 years, but it’s the 100th anniversary of their Peppers birthday show which is set to take place in New York on February 12.

Peppers’ last show was at the Palace Theatre in 1976, when they played their iconic song ‘Christmas on the Rocks’.

It was their first time playing New York City in their 50-year history, and the show was held in New Haven, Connecticut, on the first weekend in February.

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