ANNIE farmers, with a record of providing the nation with good jobs, pay for the digital signature of a digital credit report of the bank account holder.

Annie Farmer, whose family’s farm in north west England is famous for producing beef, milk and dairy products, said she had been paying the annual bill of more than £600 for a credit report since September 2017.

The report shows the owner of her family’s company, Annies Dairy Farmers Ltd, had been listed as a beneficiary of the trust for five years.

“They have been paying a £50-£60 fee each year since the end of August 2017.

The bank has been audited several times,” said Ms Farmer.”

They had not told me anything about this until I had contacted them to check whether I should file a complaint about this.”

Ms Farmer said the farm was not connected to the bank.

She said her credit report was “not a joke”.

“The report says my wife and I have a loan of £500,000 from the bank, but that is the bank’s own account, it has no interest, and that is it.”

The bank has the money in a different account in England, so it is not connected with the farm,” she said.”

It is not a bank account at all.

The only thing that has ever been in my farm has been money in the bank.

“Ms Farmers, from St George, Gloucestershire, said the report had been filed with the bank “to get a record”.”

I have been a beneficiary for many years,” she added.”

I am not a farmer and my family are not farming.

“She said she would be seeking legal action against the bank if it had failed to take action.”

This is not fair to me and I am going to get justice,” she concluded.