How to get your kids to eat farm foods


Farmers markets in Italy offer a number of ways to get children to eat a variety of farm foods, including pasta, meatballs, potato salad and even cheese.

The idea is to start the meal with a hearty bowl of pasta, but before children can enjoy it, they should also know the farm’s menu.

In Italy, it’s the classic cheese pizza that most people are familiar with.

However, it is important to have some kind of variation for a variety to make it work for kids. 

“It’s very important to make a good selection of farm products, such as meatballs or cheese pizza,” explains Fabrizio Capitani, owner of Farmhouse, in the southern city of Genoa.

“The best way to do that is to choose the right product, to give it the right amount of flavours, and to make the product taste great.”

The farm’s main products include meatballs made from the skin of lamb, goat, or beef, a cheese pizza made from ground lamb or pork and a cheese sauce made from goat, goat or lamb.

Capitani says the idea is that children will get to enjoy the taste of their choice before they go home to a family of friends, and will be hungry by the time they are able to finish.

“It works best when you choose the product in such a way that it can be enjoyed in a short time,” he explains.

“A little bit of a wait is OK.

We make sure that the kids can enjoy the product at least once, as soon as they can.”

For children aged five and up, Capitano also recommends giving them a bowl of soup or meatballs for a lunchtime snack.

“That’s what we do, so we can give them something to eat while they are here, in case they want to eat something else,” he says.

“We usually have some soup, and then they can choose from various flavours, like lamb or goat.”