Which chicken farms produce the most chickens?


Chicken farms are an important part of the UK food supply chain.

Here’s what you need to know about the country’s biggest chicken farm.

The largest of these is Mortimer Farms, which operates five farms in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Here are the top five.1.

Mortimer Farm is a family-run, family-owned business.


Mortimers farmhouse is a large, one-storey building in a leafy part of northern England.

It’s used by the company to house and raise chickens and goats.


The Mortimer farmhouse has a kitchen, a washroom, a living room, a garden and an area for chickens and lambs.


The company has more than 1,300 chickens and 400 goats on its land, with a total of more than 300,000 birds and a total production of nearly one million chickens and 2,000 goats.


The farmhouse also has a tractor.

The tractor is used for farm maintenance and transport.

2nd most chicken farms in the UK, by number of birds per farm (9.2) 1.

Mortomers farm (4.7) 2.

Redfern Farm (4) 3.

Redhill Farm (3) 4.

Redfield Farm (2) 5.

Mortemars farm (2.6)1.

The Redfenn Farm in Surrey is the second largest chicken farm in England.

There are over 200,000 chickens and 40,000 lambs on the farm.

2,100 chickens are also raised at the farm in a large building on the site.3.

The main building of Redfens farmhouse in Bournemouth, West Sussex, houses over 600 chickens.

It also has an extensive poultry-processing and feeding area.

4,200 chickens are raised on the land.5.

The tractors on Redfins farmhouse are used to pull and haul the animals.


The site also has two large sheds that house about 1,000 pigs and calves, which are used for dairy and other animal husbandry.

3rd most chicken farming in the country, by total production (5.7 million) 1 .

Mortomery farms (4 million) 2 .

Redfords farm (3.8 million) 3 .

Redfields farm (1.8m) 4 .

Redlars farm.

(1 million)5.

There is a fourth largest chicken farming company in the world.

The United States-based company, Redfors Farm, owns a fleet of over 1,800 tractors, which it uses to haul its cattle.

6th most chicken farm, by chickens per farm per year (7.4) 1 : Mortomermers farm is the largest poultry farm in the United Kingdom, with over 1.8million chickens on its property.

It is owned by a consortium of Mortimer’s sister company, Mortimer, which is the majority shareholder.

2 : The Redfield Farms chicken farm is one of the biggest farms in Scotland, with 1.4 million chickens on the premises.

3 : The company’s largest poultry plant is at Redfields farm in South East England.

4 : The farm has over 2,200,000 cattle on the ground.

5 : Redfells farm is located in the Welsh town of Redlern in the south of the country.

6 : The site is owned jointly by Mortimery and Redfels.

2-4th most chickens in the whole of the United States, by amount of chickens on a farm per farmer (6.4million) 1: The Redfields Farm in South Yorkshire has a population of nearly 2,500,000, and produces more than 6 million chickens a year.

The land, which has a total area of over 5,000 acres, is used to raise animals for export.

2: The main chicken farm of the company is located on the Redfendery farm in Fylde, England.

3: The company produces about 4,000 heads of chickens a day and more than 500,000 pounds of meat per year.

4: The farm also produces a third of its chicken meat in England and Wales.

5: The chicken farm also has about 700 sheep and goats on the estate.

6: The property has been used for many other projects, including the creation of a water and sewage system for the town.

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