Alberta farmers to get $2.3 million in compensation for arid pastures


In a decision expected to make farmers around the world smile, the Alberta government announced Thursday that farmers will get $5.3-million from the aridpastures program, the first payment from the program that will be used to buy irrigation equipment.

The aridland fund will be administered by the province’s Department of Environment and Parks and will be available to farmers in the province.

“This is a huge win for farmers and ranchers across Alberta, and a significant boost for our province,” Environment Minister Mike de Jong said in a release.

“We will ensure that farmers and the ranchers who live in arid regions have the resources they need to sustain their families and businesses in the face of the changing climate.”

The ardensphere program was created by the federal government in 2007 as a way to buy water for farmers.

The first payments were made in 2010, and in 2014, the ardersphere was extended to include water and irrigation projects that have been in operation since.

The province’s ardiersphere covers 1.7 million hectares and is the largest aridlands fund in the country.

The new payments will go to farmers who have already been in ardentsphere since 2007.

The fund is currently administered by Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Parks.

The program is available to ranchers and farmers with irrigated pastures, but it does not cover irrigated areas.