How to Stop Bats and Pigs from Pooping on Your Landscape


When you’ve got two pigs and a fly on your property, it can be difficult to spot them.

You can’t simply throw a hose down the stream or put out the garbage.

You need to go out and catch the pigs and keep them away from your yard.

So what can you do to make sure you can see them?

Here are a few tips for finding your pig and its neighbors, along with some good advice on how to avoid getting caught.1.

Don’t use the hose or water on your pigs2.

If you can, put a fence around your property to keep the animals away3.

Don.t put out your garbage4.

Don�t take your dogs on the property5.

If your pigs are big, be careful when you feed them6.

Be careful when throwing out the trash7.

Don,t go to your neighbor�s yard, as it can bring in the pigs8.

Be sure to keep your yard clear and clear of all weeds9.

Be aware of the smell that may be coming from your neighbors� yard, such as rotten apples10.

Be especially careful when it comes to dumping your trash out on the sidewalk11.

If possible, find an area where you can put your trash away and let the pigs or fly pass the area12.

Keep in mind that you may get away with it, but it will be easier for the neighbors to see if they have a problem with your property.

If there are two or more pigs in your yard, it may be easier to spot one if you have one in front of you, such that they don’t see you.

It’s best to be cautious, but don�t let fear of a neighbor get in the way of finding your pigs.