White House farm bills to give Trump $1.3 billion in taxpayer subsidies to farmers


Farm bill to give President Donald Trump $100 billion in tax subsidies to his farms will give the farm industry $1 billion in subsidies to grow their crops, according to the House Agriculture Committee.

The Farm Bill for 2019 is now up for a vote in the House, where House Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) is a vocal supporter of the legislation.

The measure has passed the House by a vote of 289-137 on Monday, the final day of the 115th Congress.

It has been referred to the full House for a final vote.

Roberts, a staunch opponent of the farm bill, is a member of the House Republican Study Committee, a caucus that has led the fight against the farm program.

It is a critical component of the administration’s plan to cut taxes for farmers and boost spending for agriculture.

The House also approved a farm bill last year, which the White House has said would give the administration $1 trillion in tax credits over 10 years.

But the farm subsidies have been controversial.

The Agriculture Department has long warned that they could lead to higher prices for farmers.

In February, the department’s inspector general warned that the subsidies could cost farmers up to $5.8 billion over the next decade.

The new farm bill contains an additional $600 billion over 10 year, according the Associated Press.

The money will be given to states, which will be required to use the money for crop insurance, farm assistance programs, and other programs.

That money would come from the Farm Bill, and would be invested in crops, food safety, and agribusiness infrastructure.

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