How to fix the Windows 7 and 8 issues on your Windows 7 or 8 computer

If you’ve been suffering from the Windows 8.1 Anniversary Update issue, there’s a good chance you’re having trouble using the operating system.Microsoft has released a Windows Update (WA) update to fix these issues, and now it’s available to download.There’s a new WA update available on Windows 7.1 and Windows 8 machines. Here’s what you need to

Indiana farmers to lose $5 million in subsidies

Indiana farmers will lose about $5.5 million over the next three years from the state’s subsidies program, the Indiana Farm Bureau announced Friday.The subsidies, which cover some 70,000 Indiana farms, were set to expire on June 30.But a compromise deal was reached with the state Senate that allows Indiana farmers with certain farm types to


How to set up a Farm to Table Simulator

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Why Joe’s Farm Grill and Knotts Scare Farm Grazers

Joe’s Grill and Kilt’s Scare Farm Grills are coming to your town!The iconic grill and kilt chain has been a local fixture since it opened in 1970 in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, and is still serving up tasty, handcrafted comfort food.It’s a staple in Nebraska, too, and the chains newest location in Denver, Colorado,


Why Trump’s ‘fire sale’ is a disaster for farmers

When President Donald Trump announced a fire sale on Saturday to save millions of dollars on a drought-stricken farm, many farmers were skeptical.The decision, which has the potential to devastate the economy of many struggling farm communities, comes after a year of economic turmoil that has put the nation’s dairy industry in a deep recession


Gary Johnson campaign, the state farm insurance program, and polyface farming

MSNBC’s Anthony Zurcher reports from Colorado, where Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, has received more than $6 million in state farm and insurance money.Johnson’s campaign says he’s in the top five candidates in the state’s presidential primary, according to a poll released last week by Colorado State University.The survey, conducted between Sept.